This is a crowdsourced database of public and private companies.  Editors verify information provided by contributors.  Focus is leadership, investments and news.  Not so much about financials and statistics.  Free for simple searching.  Pro version is available for a fee.  

Some of my favorite features:

  • Search for a company, person, investor, or event
  • Find acquisitions by your target comany - may report the transaction value
  • Find companies that acquired your target - may report the transaction value
  • Find investors in your target company - sometimes you’ll get an estimate of value of a private company related to the investment
  • Find a list of top officers and drill into profiles
  • Get a news roundup related to the target company
  • Most profile pages have a section that lists chronologically important events in the person’s or company’s history
  • Database is constantly expanding through contributions from the community of users and partners © David Lamb 2020